We Help Manage Energy Prices:
Greenavise works with select partners to assess your energy needs, finds the most competitive rates, monitors your cost saving performance, and adjusts your pricing and provider when possible.
We Can Monitor Engergy Usage:
Your facility consumes a lot of energy. Managing those costs is smart ... but difficult without the right tools and resources—especially when you are not on-site. Greenavise works with you to implement solutions scaled to your needs. Together, we can trim unnecessary expenses from your energy bills.
We Will Reduce Energy Spend:
Kitchen appliance and lighting incentive programs can often save you thousands of dollars on those purchases—and the right energy-efficient equipment will provide long- term savings as well.


Energy consumption is one of your few controllable costs:

For every dollar saved in energy expense, its like adding $10 - $20 in sales.

Restaurants use 5 - 7 times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings.

Stop letting money go down the drain!

About Us

Our Company

Greenavise spent its first few years managing and consulting on a wide range of projects including: energy audits, sustainable business assessments and strategies, clean tech project financing, solar, geothermal, solar thermal hot water, sustainable office renovations, waste recycling and lighting retrofits.

Since adding the service of financing rebates in 2012, Greenavise has made huge strides with energy efficiency equipment replacement for small-to-medium sized commercial businesses. While Greenavise does continue to offer a full range of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, it has now found its core business, which is energy efficient equipment replacement - mostly kitchen equipment/refrigeration and energy procurement.

Our Team

We will personally work with you and your small business to maximize energy savings.

Garrett Stackman


Lisa Stackman

Senior VP & Treasurer

Leslie Sanya

Office Manager

Business Stats

Pepco Service Provider Since 2012.

Washington Gas Service Provider Since 2016.

Stats Last Recorded: 12/31/2022.

Projects Completed
Incentives Procured for Customers
Total kWh Saved
Total Additional Savings for Customers
(at ~12.75¢/kWh)


From Previous Customers

"Greenavise has been a great asset in our energy procurement process. They are professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. They were diligent throughout the process and worked in partnership to help achieve our goals."
Purchasing Manager
National Food & Beverage Distributor
"We are very lucky to have Greenavise working on our behalf. They are constantly keeping us abreast to what's going on in the energy marketblace and that has helped us to purchase our electricity in the most effective way possible."
Restaurant Owner
Local Business
"Greenavise has helped us in many ways with their knowledge, expertise, research and service by identifving products that fit our business and enhance our cash flow."
Restaurant Group

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