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manage energy pricing

Greenavise works with select partners to assess your energy needs, finds the most competitive rates, monitors your cost saving performance, and adjusts your pricing and provider when possible.


monitor energy usage

Your facility consumes a lot of energy. Managing those costs is smart ... but difficult without the right tools and resources—especially when you are not on-site. Greenavise works with you to implement solutions scaled to your needs. Together, we can trim unnecessary expenses from your energy bills.


reduce energy spend

Lighting and appliance rebate and incentive programs can often save you thousands of dollars on those purchases—and the right energy-efficient equipment will provide long- term savings as well.

A 20% reduction in energy costs will translate directly into an additional 1% profit margin—a 20% increase in profit.

Our low/no-cost solutions can have a real impact on your bottom line.

20 smaller

As a restaurant owner, energy consumption accounts for about 20% of your total operating expenses. Unmanaged energy costs eat away at your profit margin… but it doesn’t have to be that way. Energy consumption is one of your few controllable costs.

But saving money on energy requires a considerable, up-front investment, right? Not necessarily. You can reduce your gas and electric bill by 15–20%—with no up-front cost— by managing your utility supplier and rates. You can dramatically reduce your HVAC, lighting, and refrigeration expenses—with minimal up-front cost—by implementing web-enabled energy control systems.

In other words, you have the ability to reduce your expenses and increase your profit by managing your energy costs and consumption … but that is just one more thing to manage, right? That requires more of your time (which you don’t have) or paying someone else to manage it for you, and then how much are you really saving?

That’s where we come in: Greenavise provides cost-saving energy management solutions—taking the hassle and expense out of researching and implementing those solutions. Greenavise is energy management made easy, because going green is good business.


Greenavise spent its first few years managing and consulting on a wide range of projects including:  energy audits, sustainable business assessments and strategies, clean tech project financing, solar, geothermal, solar thermal hot water, sustainable office renovations, waste recycling and lighting retrofits.

Since adding the service of financing rebates in 2012, Greenavise has made huge strides with energy efficiency equipment replacement for small-to-medium sized commercial businesses.  While Greenavise does continue to offer a full range of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, it has now found its core business, which is energy management and controls, energy efficient equipment replacement–mostly refrigeration and hot water heaters, energy audits, lighting retrofits and financing (rebate and project financing).


We take the guess work out of your energy
options and provide you a simple plan that
saves you time and money.


We have 20 plus years of combined experience that
guarantees we are bringing you the best
energy products for your business.


We guarantee you seamless, customized
service resulting in real savings that go
directly to your bottom line.



FREE ENERGY ASSESSMENT – discover energy reduction potential and see where you can save now.

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